Miniatures for Castle Falkenstein.

Sources of Miniatures for
Castle Falkenstein.

These are suppliers I have found for my New Europa-based campaign, please note that all the miniatures listed are in 28mm (1/56th) scale. I don’t get any commission on sales, honest!


Black Pyramid Gaming - Their Steam & Steel range has many civilian figures (but not many women) and several Really Nice Quirky ones.

Eureka Miniatures - An Antipodean Company that does a Fine Range of civilian Victorian miniatures. I especially like the dancing couples (you always need background NPCs at those Grand Balls, you know). Their UK supplier, Fighting15 stocks their line here.

Ironclad Miniatures - They have a good selection of suitable figures in their Character Range.

Wargames Foundry - You will find plenty of choice in their Victorian section, I especially like the fact that the female figures are in 1870s/1880s fashion clothes not the 1890s/1900s style that you most often find in miniatures.

Westwind Productions - Their ranges “Empire of the Dead” and “Vampire Wars” have useful items.


The popularity of British Colonial Wargaming, means that British Empire forces are readily available at most wargames suppliers, so the Vendors below provide more specialised miniatures.

Eureka Miniatures - For French, Prussian, Russian, Turkish, Danish and Austrian troops from 1864-77, look no further. Fighting 15 link here

Hinterland Miniatures - These chaps do a Really, Wonderful range of Germanic Female Hussars, Lancers and Sailors. Just right for those Rare but Most Splendid Valkyries, sometimes seen in New Europa.

 Ironclad Miniatures - Their Military selection has Prussians, French and British soldiers & sailors.

Wargames Foundry - Their Franco-Prussian War range has French, Prussian, Bavarian, and Wurtemburger troops available.


Eureka Miniatures - If you want Satyrs, they have a few . Fighting 15 link here

Wargames Foundry They have Satyrs, Tree nymphs and a plethora of Harpies in their Greek Myths selection.
A Fine Faerie Lady with her pet Wyvern
Reaper Miniatures - Plastic and metal fantasy figures with a range of figures suitable for Faerie
UK Suppliers: Miniature Heroes and Mighty Lancer Games

Evil Enemies:

Eureka Miniatures - If you want to battle the Mystic Lodge of the Temple of Ra, then these could be handy.  Fighting 15 link here


Reaper Miniatures - Plastic and metal fantasy figures with a range of figures suitable for Faerie creatures.


 Black Pyramid Gaming - Their Steam & Steel range has several Automatons

 Copper Mine Miniatures - A small range of Mitchell Mechanical Steam Horses (MMSH)’ with either British Household Cavalry or Wild West riders

Eureka Miniatures - Whilst they are technically powered armour, these figures would make nice military automatons. Fighting 15 link here and here. Their Toytown Soldiers might be more to your taste as Clockwork Military -  Fighting 15 link here

Meridian Miniatures - They have a ‘Steam & Aether’ Range, its a little to steampunk for most of my Falkenstein adventures but I quite like the ‘Wallace & Gromitt’ styling of their ‘Trundlematic Riflemen’.


 Eureka Miniatures - They have a nice Hansom Cab plus passengers. Fighting 15 link here 

Ironclad Miniatures - They have a selection of Steam Tanks and other Conveyances which fit nicely into the Falkenstein World.

Sarrisa Precision - Their Gaslamp Alley range has a variety of different cabs, carts, boats and ships.

Westwind Productions - Several nice carriages & coaches here


Sarrisa Precision - Their Gaslamp Alley range has a good selection of buildings and accessories.

Other Useful Items:

Black Cat Bases - They have a mixed selection, mainly aimed at Call of Cthulhu, but some can used for Falkenstein, however, I have included them here for their Great Book Golem and Forbidden Tomes!

Eureka Miniatures - If you want some really wild miniatures in your Falkenstein Campaign, take a look at their Pax Limpopo range :) Yes, they are Lancers on Unicycles! . Fighting 15 link here