Friday, 6 January 2017

Steamtech - The Subterranean Torpedo


The Subterranean Torpedo.

Developed by Major Weisskopf , of the Austro-Hungarian Artillery, this Infernal Weapon may herald the end of the static fortress or earthwork in war! Just revealed to the Public as a New Device in the Imperial and Royal arsenal, the Subterranean Torpedo is sure to bring fear to the hearts of the enemies of our great nation.

It is similar in appearance to a maritime self-propelled torpedo but Somewhat Larger. This machine can burrow into the earth and travel until it reaches a pre-set point and depth, whereupon It Detonates Destroying anything lying above it. The torpedo makes use of a simple analytical engine programmed by its torpedoman to determine its route and depth. The device may then dig itself down and travel to below a fortress or military camp before rising to near the surface and Exploding!

At present it is believed that Major Weisskopf's Subterranean Torpedo can only make its way through earth and softer rocks but future experiments with the digging head will allow its use in all types of geological strata. 

STOP PRESS: We have evidence that the Austro-Hungarian government is negotiating with a Dutch diamond merchant in order to trial a digging head made using industrial grade diamonds. This would certainly allow the device to cut its way through most rocks. We wonder if the cost of this will prevent the device moving beyond the prototype stage.

Cost: 135 Days, at 162,000 Florins (13,500c).
Size: Medium [100 wounds due to its armoured cylinder].
Description: A riveted iron cylinder with a small steam boiler and steering vanes at the rear.
Operation Time: Up to forty minutes with a range of thousands of feet.
Controlled by: A small, simple, pre-set analytical engine.
Moves with: A spiral cutting head.
Effects: Does Horrible Damage to Immense Targets.