Thursday, 3 November 2016

Gadgetech - The LeBrun Life-Preserving Travellers’ Trunk.


The lebrun Life-preserving travellers’ trunk.

The French Inventor, M. Louis LeBrun has invented a device that will be of Great Utility to All Intrepid Travellers and Explorers.

He has designed a lacquered, metal trunk which has been waterproofed with a thick layer of India-Rubber coating the interior. A thick cork lining is fitted to the body of the trunk. This also forms Excellent Insulation keeping the contents hot or cool as you wish, even under Extreme Conditions.

A hollow, metal telescoping paddle and a wider, hollow tube for use as a mast are stored clipped in the lid. These are capable of performing a second function as an Emergency Breathing Tube for Submerged Persons. The lining of the lid can be detached and folds out to form a small sail.

The trunks come in two sizes: the ‘Carriage’ which is most suitable for a Gentleman and can carry a single person plus a small quantity of belongings, and the ‘Portmanteau’ which is perfect for a Lady and is large enough for two persons plus their necessities.

This High Quality and Essential Item for All Travellers is made by Skilled Tinsmiths in Bohemia and Available at Good Chandlers and Emporiums across New Europa.

Cost:  The ‘Carriage’ version: 6 Days, at 1,440 Florins (120c).
The ‘Portmanteau’ version 9 days at 2,160 Florins (180c)
Size: Small [40 wounds].
Description: An waterproofed metal trunk
Operation Time: As long as the occupant(s) can paddle it.
Controlled by: A paddle
Moves with: One or two paddles and/or a sail

 Host's Notes:
This Handy Device was designed by one of our Dramatic Characters, the French Inventor  Louis LeBrun, and features in some chapters of the Original Adventure Entertainment.  
Yes, it is a rather, large gadget but it doesn't fit under the 'Steamtech' or 'Infernal Devices' headings I'll be using for other items we have developed in our Adventure.