Thursday, 3 November 2016

Steamtech - The Railway Steam Velocipede


The Railway Steam Velocipede.

A New Quick and Easy Personal Transport System for areas where roads are poor and do not permit rapid travel. Easily placed upon the tracks, the Railway Steam Velocipede allows one or two persons to use the track as a thoroughfare. The benefits of this vehicle lie in avoiding the many potholes and pools of mud found on roads and the general lack of gradients on a railway track. This means that the Railway Steam Velocipede can Gain Greater Speed than its road borne counterparts. India rubber tyres can be carried to convert the wheels for Road use in a few minutes.

This machine will be of Great Use to Railway Personnel as it allows them to quickly get to remote problems along the track.Some railway companies are thinking of licensing the Public Use of these Velocipedes upon their tracks  when train traffic is low but others have banned them outright as a collision danger to their locomotives. Only the future will tell as to the Usefulness and Safety of the Inspired Idea of the Railway Steam Velocipede.

Cost: 22 Days, at 2,200c.
Size: Small [40 wounds].
Description: An iron frame with a leather saddle and a cylindrical, riveted steam boiler.
Operation Time: Two hours on rails, one hour on road.
Controlled by: A control rod connected to the handlebars.
Moves with: A railway bogie wheel or an india-rubber tyre

Host’s Note:
This item was inspired by an article found in the 1883 volume of Cassell's Magazine.
It made a brief appearance in our Second Adventure Entertainment, which was set in 1883.