Wednesday, 16 November 2016

‘Chemical Formulations’. Veritasin - a truthfully, useful drug.

‘chemical formulations’.

Veritasin - a truthfully, useful drug.

This drug was invented by the great Austrian scientist, Herr Professor Johann Gerhardt. His intention was to develop a means by which the Forces of Law and Order could obtain Truthful Confessions from those they were interrogating without resort to violence.

It can be administered orally or by hypodermic injection. This Mind-Altering Formulation is still Very Rare and Extremely Expensive!

Cost: 3 weeks at 3,600 Florins (300c) per dose.
Effects: Will Altering (Tell the Truth)
Duration: Two Minutes.

Host Notes:
In game terms it requires an EXC Courage or Health score to resist the drug. If the recipient fails then he or she must answer any question put to them truthfully for the two minute duration of the drug's effects. There are still possible side effects to Veritasin, The Host should secretly draw a card from the pack:- If it is the Ace of Spades, the recipient is allergic to the formulation and is now mortally wounded and if the card is a Joker, then perhaps the recipient can lie regardless of the drug or the Host can decide that another more dramatically suitable effect occurs.